The Witness of a House Church

The Witness of a House Church

Zhang Wei,* China

Zhang Wei was no ordinary citizen. He had served faithfully in the Chinese army, and as a well-respected individual he served as mayor of his village.

There came a time, however, when Zhang Wei decided to move to a large city where he could earn more money in construction.

One day as he was walking along a city street, something caught his attention—he heard singing coming from the ground level of a large apartment building. Drawing closer, he looked through the open windows and saw people singing and praying together.

Soon someone stepped outside of the apartment and invited Zhang Wei to come in. Claiming to be Buddhist, Zhang Wei was somewhat reticent to step inside; but as he was curious to learn more, he finally decided to enter this Seventh-day Adventist house church.

He noticed that many of the people had Bibles, and he wanted to learn more about this unusual book. Happily, the Adventists shared with Zhang Wei some of their most treasured Bible truths and prayed with him.

Zhang Wei often returned to the Adventist house church. One day, the subject of healthy living came up, including diet.

Explaining the biblical laws of clean and unclean meats, the members told Zhang Wei that pigs were unclean and that often the animals were infested with worms.

Not believing them, Zhang Wei decided to conduct a little experiment. Many people worked at the same construction site, and the company cook would sometimes purchase an entire pig to feed the crew.

Curious to see how unclean the pig was, when no one was looking Zhang Wei quickly took a knife and sliced the animal open—and found the swine’s flesh crawling with worms from head to hoof. Shocked and disgusted, he never ate pork again.

Before long, Zhang Wei accepted all of the Bible truths and was baptized into the Seventh-day Adventist Church. After his baptism, however, the pastor encouraged Zhang Wei to return to his home village and let his light shine for Jesus.

Zhang Wei returned to his village where he began an Adventist house church with just one person—himself! But he started sharing the things he had learned from the Bible with others, and soon the church grew.

Today, the county where Zhang Wei lives has six Adventist churches, and three neighboring counties each have churches due to the prayers and powerful witness of Zhang Wei.

*Not his real name

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