The Banner Man

The Banner Man

Song Sungsub, South Korea

Wherever Song Sungsub goes, people follow—sometimes with stares, sometimes with their feet—but that’s OK because he has a message to share.

“I wanted people to see the truth, so my strategy was to come up with a way for them to immediately see the heart of the three angels’ messages—the Sabbath.”

Sungsub designed a customized backpack advertising banner, proclaiming in large letters that the “Sabbath Day = Saturday = Seventh-day.” The banner included more details surrounding the main message.

Sungsub wears his backpack banner as he rides his bicycle to and from work each day. He also takes it for a walk in the park and has been happily surprised with the response.

“When people see the banner, they are curious, and they read it with loud voices. There are always people around, and they talk about it. The Sabbath is an important message, a testing truth. There are many ways to spread this message, but this is my strategy,” Sungsub says.

In thinking about his unique form of evangelizing, Sungsub had two biblical examples in mind: Jonah, who was sent to walk around a large city proclaiming the need for repentance, and the children of Israel who were a silent witness as they marched around Jericho.

“The idea,” he said, “is that in this way I will be able to proclaim the Sabbath truth effectively and conveniently.” He is delighted that many people are interested in the message he carries.

“One day I took the subway, and someone followed me. Finally the man said, ‘I know this is truth. Is there a church that keeps the Sabbath day?’ ”

Another time Sungsub was walking through a park when he was approached by a couple. “You must be from the Seventh-day Adventist Church,” they said. “We haven’t attended church in a long time. Where’s the church? We’ve been looking for one!”

“Sometimes people ask me how can I carry this banner around,” Sungsub admits. “My heart isn’t brave enough, and I need to behave well because I’m carrying this important message. My mind should be peaceful, so I pray a lot. Then I feel at peace and am filled with the Holy Spirit’s power.” And the idea is catching on. Recently, an elder in Sungsub’s church asked for a copy of the banner’s design.

“I feel very happy,” says Sungsub. “I am seeking lost sheep. My strategy is just one glance, and it’s forever recorded in their minds. And whenever people ask, I share some literature with them. Who knows what the results will be?”

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