Rest and Sleep

Rest and Sleep

Fred Hardinge, DrPH, RD


“Unreasonable hours are destructive to the physical, the mental, and the moral powers. If the brain were given proper periods of rest, the thoughts would be clear and sharp, and business would be expedited.” 7T 256.

“You are God’s workmanship, and with the full sense of your accountability to God you are to treat yourselves aright. Give yourselves proper time to sleep. Those who sleep give nature time to build up and repair the waste of the organism.” MM 5

“Fatigue selectively targets
the highest order of
cognitive mental functions.
Critical thinking becomes

Sleep Impairment vs. Alcohol Intoxication

Approximately 16-18 hours of continuous wakefulness in healthy, rested adults produced performance impairments comparable to legal intoxication with alcohol. (BAC >0.08%)

Increasing Evidence

Type 2 Diabetes
Metabolic Syndrome
Long-term sleep deprivation:
Cardivascular disease
Depression and other mental health problems

Executive Functions at Risk

Sleep debt decreases the entire brain’s
ability to function, most significantly
impairing areas responsible for:

complex planning,
complex mental operations, and

Strategies to Fight Fatigue

Value adequate sleep: ~8-9 hours per night.
Exercise 30-60 min. every day.
Learn to control your stress.
Eat properly & drink plenty of water.
Avoid caffeinated beverages, tobacco, and alcohol.
Rest a day each week & annual vacation.
Sleep disorder? Get evaluated.


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