More Precious Than Money

More Precious Than Money

Ruth, Japan

Ruth was born and raised in Ecuador without knowing God. She sensed that something was missing in her life and visited many churches, but none satisfied. Then she visited a Seventh-day Adventist church and found that “the people were kind, and the pastor treated people equally.”

Ruth received a DVD—The Last Hope, featuring presentations on Revelation by Pastor Luis Gonçalves. Not sure what it was about, Ruth set the DVD aside and forgot about it.

Sometime later Ruth and her husband moved to Japan, where they obtained work in manufacturing. Although successful at her job, Ruth still wasn’t satisfied. One day, she noticed an advertisement in a free newspaper, inviting people to the Seventh-day Adventist church. Remembering her friendly encounter in Ecuador, Ruth decided to visit. While there, she was delighted to meet Diana, the head elder’s wife, who was Brazilian. Diana offered to study the Bible with Ruth. When the two met for their first Bible study, Diana brought a DVD by Pastor Luis Gonçalves! Ruth realized that it was the same DVD she had received in Ecuador. Convinced that this was more than just a coincidence, Ruth watched the DVD. As she continued studying, Ruth was convicted that she had found the truth.

When she learned that the seventh day was God’s holy day, Ruth quickly decided to quit working on Sabbath. “Are you crazy?” her coworkers asked. “You get paid a higher rate on Saturdays. Why don’t you earn the money and give it to your church?”

“There’s something more precious than money,” Ruth replied. “Such as going to church each Sabbath and learning new things.”

Soon Ruth was ready to make a full commitment and was baptized. When her coworkers realized that Ruth was serious about her newfound faith, they turned against her. “You’ve changed,” some told her. “I can’t work with you,” said another. But her supervisor still valued Ruth and allowed her to take every Saturday off.

“Many things have changed in my life,” Ruth explains. “The way I think, my habits, my relationships with people, everything. Before, I had a hard heart, but now I’m rich in emotion and can empathize with others.”

Ruth is one of the many South American immigrants in Japan. Members of the Seventh-day Adventist international church in Japan are actively seeking to reach others like Ruth.

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