Chinese Fried Sesame Balls


  1. Red Bean  (Be asan).
  2. Brown sugar/ sugar (cikhum Brown  aom kei aleh akang zong kingah).
  3. Glutinous rice flour ( Buhman vui)
  4. Sesame (nan tang)
  5. Water ( tui )

Red Bean

Glutinous rice flour



Step 1.

Wash a cup ofred bean nicely and boil until 100% cook.  (Be haikhat sawpsiang sitset inla amin dong huan in.)

Step 2.

Add half table spoon of sugar in to red bean and mash it, make a red bean paste. (ci khum sik keu lang khawng khah in la tokzan in.

Step 3.

2 cup of glutinous rice flour and sugar water mix it and make a dough.  (buhmah vui  hai 2 leh cikhum tui tawh ahoih bek a gawm ding.)

Step 4.

now you can make aball, put red bean paste inside the ball. (tun ball kibawl thei ta, ball sung ah be koih in).

Step 5.

now mix your ball with sesame. ( tua ball tung ah nan belh sak ding.

Step 6.

deep fried with 160C. (sathau sa sung kah kang ding.)


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